“Sick” Kid, Yarn, and Grandma Movie Search

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I’m just had a recovered memory of one brief part of a scene of a movie.

So, all I can remember is there’s a kid, not sure of the gender, and they are either sick or pretending to be sick. In the scene they are sitting there with yarn wrapped around their hands and their grandmother (I just remember an older lady) is rolling up the yarn into a ball. The kid is all wrapped up, I think to “sweat the sickness out” and is all sweaty. Then the grandmother has to get up, maybe because the doorbell rings or something, so she shoves the ball of yarn in the kid’s hands and the kid can’t really move.

I think the movie might have been a Disney Channel Original Movie or something similar. And it probably came out in the 1990s or early 2000s.

It’s a long shot but if you could help that would be appreciated.

the_berninator Asked question Mar 4, 2021