Soldiers are sent to a war, later they return as zombies to protest the politicians.

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I think they are American soldiers. They die in the war and they return as the undead.
It’s not a virus or anything material that brings them back but their anguish felt over having died in a sensless war. They can speak but it pains them so they only speak when necessary. They can not die even if they try to kill themselves. They walk around in a small town. They try to bring light somehow to how the politicians use war as a tool.
There are 2 brothers in the movie. I think one of them finds the other’s pistol in the house and accidentally shoots himself in the head. Or maybe the zombie brother shoots the living brother.

It’s not:
The Revenant (2009).
Fido (2006).
Masters of Horror – Homecoming (2005).
Deathdream AKA Dead of Night (1974).

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farcry, did the op specifically say homecomming was not it?

Yes, they did. I also thought about double checking it. Somebody else recommended Homecoming before I’ve found that question and they used an IMDb link instead of – let’s say – a trailer, so maybe the questioner somewhow didn’t recognize it based on the IMDb link or maybe it’s really not it, despite the similarity. I’ll ask.

He confirmed it, it’s Homecoming.
Thanks again for your insight!
It’s weird when something never happens to you and then suddenly it happens twice.

Memories are funny sometimes. I have noticed since the ntm days that they can misremember, and do like this was here, bypass it, but different pictures jog their memory when asked again. Facts get twisted a lot too for some folks.


Masters of Horror – Homecoming (2005).

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