Some sort of treasure/heist movie

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So this movie is driving me crazy and I can only remember the ending. I remember a man who is the main character of the film, pulls over in the middle of nowhere, sort of in the desert. A woman soon pulls over to speak to him, and recognises he isn’t from around there, and soon invites him over to her land. At least one of their vechiles were red, and before driving down to pathway to join the woman, we see there are four road paths all leading to different directions, and the man has no real direction of where to go at this point. If anybody has any idea whatsoever or any suggestions I would appreciate it beyond belief!!!

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Sounds similar to Lost (2004). I didn’t check the ending.


Except for her inviting him to her land, that’s the ending to Cast Away (2000)

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You are a lifesaver, has been driving me mad! Thanks so much

You’re welcome!