some teenage gamers wins an esport tournament


Hi, I am looking for this movie for a long time. only things I remember are:
1. some teenage gamers wins an esport tournament and as a reward, they get a brand new video game.
I remember some guys were playing counter-strike 1.6
and one girl was doing a racing game (car)
and they were friends
2. when they put the game (Disc) in their PCs, they start to seeing things for about a minute, then their CD-ROM blew up (it happens to all of them who used the disc).
3. they become smarter, faster and know things which they never knew
4. they cleaned up an underground russian (I think) military base with paintball guns

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jul 26, 2021

do you think this was a foreign language, possibly russian movie? how long ago did you see it?