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Its a movie about two groups of troubled teenagers trapped on a island with a killer. The killer is from special forces and also a father of a boy who killed himself because the other teenagers bullied him. So the killer is in search of a revenge and starts killing everyone. I dont remember too much about the movie except that the killer used dogs, traps and a ghillie suit. Im pretty sure it was brittish made movie.

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“Wilderness” (2006)

Quote from the movie’s IMDb page:
“The governor sends them to an uninhabited island to improve their relationships and characters under the command of tough monitor Jed. They meet a camp of female delinquents under the command of veteran soldier Louise and they camp in another area. However, when they are attacked by a pack of dogs and a mysterious man with a crossbow wearing camouflage, they join forces fighting to survive, under the leadership of Callum.”

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Yes this is it. Thank you