I am searching for a movie where in the dark in countryside (Chili/Argentina?) young Neo-Nazi’s leave a meeting, riding restlessly and drunk through the landscape.
Later on in the film you see a mother and her daughters that should be married. One of the daughters marries a Large Landowner, she initially does not want it
because he’s much older.
But then she meets him in a farm/barn where she invites him to make love (drama movie, not porn here) and places his hat on her head while kissing him.
Then there are several developments. I believe this film is set in south-america arround one of the world wars.
I’ve seen this film in the 80-ies I believe but cannot find it in that era on the internet. It was an Art-house type of movie.
More or less Oscar-worthy.

The nazi’s in the beginning, the placing of his hat on her head were sticking in my memory. Alas I do not remember actors and title and exact year.
Especially the beginning of the film was made more or less eighties BBC/New Brittish cinema style (lightning/realism etc.etc.)

If one searches on “Nazi’s” or “Eighties” the results on Google are terrible, countless times about ‘House of the Ghosts” (=not the movie I am searching) and “Ghostbusters or other 80ies films”.

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