Spy comedy from VHS era.

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I’m looking for a title of the spy comedy from the 80s or 90s. I don’t remember much about the plot. I know that main hero was a spy, he had gadgets like James Bond like shrinked models of cars or helicopter in his pocket (similar to Ant Man). There was something with rally and people roped to the hoods of cars as a torture device or something like that. There was also a scene in hotel with a trap on the ceiling. It was human sized metal block above the bed. Main character switch rooms or something like that and somebody else was squeezed to death durning love scene (like a cartoon, the movie wasn’t graphic as I remeber). At the end of the movie the love intrest of main character was left on the beach to die durning the inflow and hero rescued her. I have seen this movie a long time ago as a kid. Movie wasn’t parody like Spy Hard or Austin Powers. It was movie with a low bidget, straight to VHS.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jan 2, 2022

Could the main spy be a little person?