I honestly have searched the net as much as I can think of to figure out what this movie is. I was pretty young so I’m assuming it’s APPROX early to mid nineties. The only real details I can remember is the movie opens introducing a young girl who seems to be obsessed with burying nature’s critters after they pass. She finds a dead spider and buried it, then she finds a dead baby bird and mourns it and buried it. But then she hears a screeching sound and believes she buried the bird alive, but someone (her parents?) are taking her to leave because they are in a hurry and she’s mortified that the birds was alive, I remember crying, but at the end of the movie she hears The same screeching sound and asks an older woman what the sound is (grandma maybe?) and the woman replies that the sound is locusts. Of course I felt better lol, but that is seriously the ONLY thing I can remember about the movie!

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