Hello, I have had a dilemma for the past days as I suddenly remembered a subplot from a movie. A woman caught her boyfriend/fiance/husband that he cheated on her with a friend of hers (not sure if it was friend or relative) and they decided that the only way they would be even was if she cheated on him as well. She cheats once, then decides that she doesn’t feel satisfied and tells him that she must find the perfect partner to cheat on him. Long story short, she cheats with a lot of men until she decides that, for them to be even, she should cheat with someone close to the man.

That’s all I could remember. I also remember one extra scene, but I’m not sure about it: They are talking on the phone, she just tells him that she just had sex with someone, then proceeds to list the number of guys she has slept with in the past days.

I would be very grateful if you could help me remember this, as it has been bugging me off so much in the past days.

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