I am looking for some time for a specific animation I saw in a video sharing platform. I believe it was in Youtube.

This 2d animation has a limited pallet and peculiar art style with thick lines and detailed background.
It can be classified as Surrealism.
I am not 100% sure, but I believe the author is Japanese or Korean.

A girl wakes up in a doorless room surrounded by many objects. Inside the room, there is everything she needs to live. Water, a machine that deliveries canned food, a toilet in the background, furniture and lots of books. The girl tries to escape the room by the windows, but they function as the game Portal: she enters from one window only to appear at the other side.

After spending some time in the room, she starts to read the books until find some fairy tales. In one of them, a doll becomes alive after a love kiss. She then proceeds to use various objects to build a doll. When she kisses the doll, the girl becomes a bunch of objects. The doll, a boy with a bird head wakes up in the room, surrounded by many objects (which were the girl).

The bird boy proceeds to check the room, discovering its features (water, canned food etc.), and, just as the girl, eventually starts to read the books. Reading the fairy tale, the birdboy creates a doll and try to animate it with a kiss. Doing so, he is transformed back to a bunch of unrelated objects and the girl comes back to live.

Without any recollection of what happened, the girl re-enact exactly the same process. The birdboy is created, she becomes objects, and the birdboy repeats his part.

The animation is this loop going into infinity, repeating its scenes faster and faster. At some point, it shows the outside of the room: it is a spaceship going into the universe. A sad story of two lovers that will never find each other.

I dislike this plot immensely. That is why I have thrown the reference away. But restudying arts, the art style is very peculiar and it is the perfect reference for my purposes.

If someone can help me, I would thank very much.

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