suspenseful movie from 2007/ 08/ 09 / black woman gives yellow candy/ you can’t see her face


Aaii guys, I think that NOBODY will be able to help me lol…
I watched a movie when I was a kid, I must have been about 7 years old, to be honest I’m not sure what year it was, but I’ll define it between 2007/08/09, I remember very few parts of it because it scared me a lot. It was a pirated CD that my brother had bought at the fair, so it didn’t have a name and I don’t remember its cover.
Let’s go to the parts of the movie that I remember (+ or -):
– There was a black guy and a black woman who was NOT shown her face at all, and everyone in the movie who looked at her face was kind of shocked, kind of scared.. implying that there was something wrong with her face itself (I know she was black because she showed her arms). The movie was suspenseful (I believe, because it scared me a lot, so I never finished watching it)
– The woman whose face was not shown always offered a glass jar with YELLOW packaging candies to people but everyone refused, out of fear, and remembering once again: people kept staring at this woman with an air of EVEN strangeness, but it never showed her face;
– The framing of the scene always focused on her hands taking the yellow candy and offering them to people;
– Her voice was old, kind of hoarse and failed, I was scared to death to hear her say kakakakak (from now on I don’t remember anything else 😭).

If anyone can please help me lol
It’s been YEARS, I swear, I’ve been trying to find this damn movie for years, it can’t get out of my head 🥲🥲🥲🥲

Margot1998 Asked question Jun 18, 2022