Teacher ask a student question, he answer Sally, and that happens to be correct answer


Teacher ask a sleepy student question and student answer Sally (which is name of girl he is day-dream of) and that happens to be correct answer.
Teenager or student is in love with girl.
I think it Comedy, maybe Teen movie.
I think it’s release somewhere between 1987 and 1999.
Maybe in that movie is rock concert held in school/university and music band Bones played, but I’m not shure is from that movie…..

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can you remember anything else? box cover?

I watch this movie probably around 1997. It was on rented pirate VHS tape, so I don’t know how box or cover of this movie looks like. A movie is made in the USA, in color. Is comedy. Or romance or teen movie. It’s not high popular movie like Ferris Bueller day off, 18 again. It’s made in ’90s or ’80s.
The main character is a white male student in high school, maybe a freshman in university.
He is in love with a white girl named Sally. She is about the same age as he is or a bit older I’m not sure.
In one scene in movie white lady teacher/professor is trying hard to lecture a class. The main character mail student is sitting a few rows back in the amphitheater (or large classroom with stairs) day dreaming about Sally. Teacher spots that he’s absent in his mind, and ask him question about the lecture. He twitches in second, and answered fast Sally. The teacher was extremely surprised that he now the right answer and she sad „Correct!“. The camera then shows a page from his notebook which was all over written in name Sally.
Maybe in this movie he went to rock concert in his school/university and there was playing rock or metal band named Bones (or I mix up this part with some other movie).


I really appreciate your attempts. To be absolutely sure, I found Getting It on 1983 online and unfortunately it’s not that movie. According to the production and quality of the lenses on the cameras, I would say that the film I have been looking for has been made for at least 5 years after this one. He was a common teenager, not like those long-haired heavy metallers from that period.


Probably too new, but a guess is The Art of Getting By (2011)

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That’s nice move, but this one is at least 10 years older that that. Thanks for trying.