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It’s a coming of age story there were two teens a guy and a girl they were young the girl dared the guy to strip naked in her room, before that the guy asks a woman(i don’t know if it’s his mom or the girl’s mom or an entirely different woman) if girls get pregnant if they have sex the woman says that you could have sex with the girl until she gets her first menstruation so he got to her room they each strip one piece of clothing until none was left then they proceed to hug each other the guy thinks of them as adam and eve he imagine the both of them as the first couple on earth then suddenly the girl pushes him (it was implied he squirted on her) then one thing led to another the girl is pregnant and the guy goes to the girl’s house confronts her father and tells him i’m sorry sir i squirted in your daughter and that’s as far as i can remember i think there was a trailer and a few clips i donot know if the language was english or was just a dub it’s quite an old one the possible earlieast is early 2000s this is a hard one to find folks in your labor i trust

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Skipped Parts (2001).

I’ve found it via searching for “squirted in your daughter” on quodb.com (an online subtitle database).

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Yes this was it hahahah