The movie ended in total nuclear war…can’t remember the title..


Hello guys,

for years I try to find a specific movie (at least I think it was a movie/ could also be an episode of some series) I came across a long time ago randomly on TV.
As far as I remember, the movie built up to an inevitable total nuclear war. However, I don’t know how the movie started, I came just came across it around the middle/end.
The end showed several capitals / iconic buildings of different nations being hit by nuclear weapons. I think the last scene showed some astronauts in a space station looking
down on earth. The movie showed families coping with the coming end. Some people tried to flee from the cities. But there were also families who decided to stay and have a
last dinner. I am pretty sure the movie is significantly older than 15-20years …could have even been in black white.

I search google from time to time when I remember about the scenes but I can never find anything like it. Hopefully, some of you can point me in the right direction.

Best regards

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“DEFCON-4” (1985)?

Quote from an IMDb review for the movie from this page:
three astronauts in space watch on as world war three erupts with nuclear attacks on Earth

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Thanks for reply, but it isnt Defcon 4. I am pretty sure in the movie the war was at the end.