There was a heist in the start of the Movie and it was with 2 dirty cops.

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Near the start of the movie there was some kind of robbery it had 2 dirty cops who were doing the heist in broad daylight and things went out of hand and the two were fleeing and someone just so happened to get into the car with the two dirty cops as they were escaping and the two dirty cops were in the same car one was driving the car trying to get out of there from the crime scene and the other one was in the back seat wresting around and at least one gun shot had fired.

Later in the movie one of the two cops was there when forensics was there in broad daylight as well and said these shots were fired inside the car and he looked nervous as they were figuring it out.

I think one of the two dirty cops did die and I believe it was the one in the back seat of that car.

That’s all I can really remember other than the movie being really good and I only got to see some parts of it….I know for a fact it was made in the 90’s to mid 2000’s at the very latest.

pleasehelp Asked question Apr 9, 2021