This is a tough one: a deflating guy, not from a movie


I gave up looking for this footage (more like inch-age: it’s very short) long ago. But what the heck? I’ll try one more time.

I believe the year was 2009 and my family was in a hotel in Vancouver, WA. The kids vividly remember the scene to this day. I missed it, maybe I was in the bathroom, but I heard it retold 1000 times, so I know it by heart. 🙂 Here goes: this guy is lying on a hospital-type bed with tubes connected to him. In comes another guy and wants to disconnect the tubes. The first guy is screaming: “No, no, don’t do it!!!”, but the other of course proceeds to do it. He rips a tube and the “patient” DEFLATES like a burst balloon right in front of our eyes.

The biggest problem identifying this is that 99% the scene was NOT from a movie. It was either a commercial or a scene from one of those endless also-ran TV shows.

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