This movie is about a murdered woman who was turned into a robot


There’s a movie stucked in my head but I just can’t remember the title or even the actress because I’m still a kid that time(maybe I was 9),now I’m 18 yrs old.I watched this movie through our DVD player. If I’m not mistaken this is an asian movie (but I’m not sure).The protagonist is a female with a black hair. I still can remember the plot. So, there’s a woman and she has a baby (I just forgot if it’s a girl or a boy).They were both killed by I think four men (the men aren’t that old I think there age are around 22-35. The woman’s baby was burned by those men and the woman was dying and saw her baby burning. But that woman was turned into a robot but her face is still a human it’s just that her arms has different features. She was turned into a robot by an…(as I remember it was an old man who saw her dying). Then after that she took a revenge for her baby. She took a revenge to the four men who killed her and her baby. And the last scene of that movie was that she killed the last man out of 4 killers by chopping him using her kind’a sword hand and then she burned it with her kind’a torch hand and there’s a dog who saw it and eat it. Hope someone knows this movie.🥺

Jessie Edited question Jul 29, 2022