Title for an old Japanese (possibly Yakuza themed) movie from the late forties or fifties

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Hey guys I wanted to see if anyone happened to know the name of a particular movie that has been on my mind intermittently for the past several years. I watched it when I was a kid on TCM once and I do remember a scene from it. It’s a Japanese film and there is a part where a man (man 1) gets into a car where another man (man 2) is waiting to talk with him. As their chauffeur begins to drive, man 1 remarks to man 2 about how people who walk outside look so strange or foolish from their perspective because the car goes so much faster. I know it sounds like a weird line but the way it was said in the movie was oddly poetic and sort of gave you the mood of a person marveling at how technology and the world is changing. If anyone has any hints or leads I would greatly appreciate it!

farcry Posted new comment Dec 27, 2021