Tons of Clues and yet Can’t Find Film!

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This search has been driving me crazy for weeks. I know everything about a film’s plot but not it’s title, director, actors. I know one of the actresses was in another film I saw, and I know everything about that film’s plot, but can’t find that one either so that I can cross-reference the actress. It’s maddening. Please, any help? It’s like a word I can’t remember. It’s maddening.

Ok, so the film is in Spanish. It’s about a boy that wants to compete as a singer and is sleeping occasionally having sex with a male buddy. He gets beat up badly and is in the hospital. His older father or grandfather wants justice. The tone is dark and music ambient and electronic. It probably came out between 2016 and 2018.

In that film there was a nurse with a strong face. She suggests she has a female partner. She talks with the father about the boy in the hospital. I think she’s a great actress. So I figured I would watch this other film when I saw it advertised, and I can’t think of it’s name either.

In the second film she is a single woman, over 40, and she falls for a guy who is a bit older than her. That film is also in Spanish. And in that film, she rides horses, and she finds out the guy she is sleeping with was a war criminal or someone who helped “disappear” a previous generation’s rebels or citizens. This film came out probably between 2016 and 2019.

If you could help me find either film, I can do the rest.

farcry Answered question Aug 9, 2021

Is the 1st A Fantastic Woman (Una mujer fantástica, 2017)?

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Sooooo you helped! But not because you were right. lol. I’m so happy though. You suggested A Fantastic Woman which is neither film. But the actress in both of my movies was supporting cast in that film! Her name is Antonia Zegers and she is Chilean. And the movie about the war criminal is Los Perros, the second film I was referencing. And she was also in the first film I was searching for: “You’ll Never Be Alone.” Thank you!