tough movie to watch; gore and prostitution

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I watched this movie about 8 years ago where I was in my gore movie phase, so my memory might not be accurate but I will try my best. It starts off with european or russian kids partying and taking drugs and it focuses on two girls. In the middle of the movie the kids have become addicted to drugs and working for a pimp, I think there was also a car sex scene. then near the end of the movie I think one of the kids get pregnant and is secretly saving money to get out of this life. I feel like the pimp mentions something about a clothes hanger abortion. the movie ends with the girls being tricked, thinking they can leave but instead they are killed. I think they were killed by making a snuff film. well this was a tough movie to watch and I think I blocked out that I watched it until years later lol. I worry that I have two movies mixed together but I remember this plot.

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