Troubled busker meets woman


Low budget movie, kind of a cross between Once and Before Sunrise (poor man’s version)

I remember the musician/busker walking around with his guitar after he meets the woman, and he sings an impromptu song for a group of kids at one point. The only thing I remember about the song is he sings a line just saying “bum bum bum bum” the whole time.

Pretty sure it all takes place across a couple of days.

Keen to find it!

Stonebroke Answered question Jan 10, 2022

I’ve looked pretty thoroughly on IMDB but it’s not on that list either. Maybe he wasn’t a busker, just a musician. He ends up sleeping with the woman he meets and then I think kind of freaks out a bit.

Rough era I’d say 2005-2015


Nah. Big fan of that movie but the one I’m talking about doesn’t have a star like Oscar Isaacs or Carey Mulligan, so it’s been so difficult to find.

All I can remember is he sings/has a guitar and meets a woman and they go back and make love at some point before it gets awkward. Drama, not a comedy or anything.

In incredibly uncanny fashion, I found it.

Happened to watch the final episode of Modern Love S2 on a plane ride home and thought the male actor looked familiar. Lo and behold, he’s the star of the movie I was trying to find (and perhaps a very well-known actor to some given his filmography)

Anyway, his name is Tobias Menzies and the film I was referencing is Forget Me Not:

Must go find it online now…