Ok so i’m looking for a movie I watched about 5 years ago on firestick. I don’t know the title and my memory is pretty vague, and various genere/keyword searches come up short, but I’m gonna describe it the best I can in hopes that someone knows the name…

So there was this man who lived with his wife and children. Throughout the movie he has some kind of relationship with his recently divorced neighbor, and I believe his wife was a little suspicious (but can’t remember though for sure). Anyways, at the end of the movie it turns out that his wife and children had been murdered long ago (presumably by the neighbor or her ex husband) and the man had actually lived in a mental institution for several years, and had returned to his abandoned home, and the image of his home, his wife, and children were just an illusion. (alternatively he may have only had 1 child. a daughter. that detail is also vague)

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