Timeframe- Distant future
Characters- A middle-aged-ish man and a healthy 20 something
setting- Future earth (think it’s earth) where the atmosphere is uninhabitable for humans and every animal is dangerous.
Plot- A spaceship crashes on a planet without intelligent life and two survive the crash (that I can remember). The space ship split in half and the two survivors are in the front half, they need the beacon from the back half to signal for a rescue. The middle-aged man’s legs are injured and he has to pump the blood through a tube tater in the movie so he doesn’t lose the leg. The boy has to travel across the hostile planet with the middle-aged man being “the man in the chair” guiding him to the back half.

A couple of scenes I remember- The middle-aged man askes the boy how many capsules he has left, the boy checks, and most of them are unusable. The boy lies and says he’s fine.
The middle-aged man uses a knife to gauge a hole in a vein in his leg and connects it to a pipe which gives blood flow to his leg.

I’m pretty sure this movie was after 2000 and definitely before 2015. If I could get help in finding this movie that’d be great.

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