Ok so I’m 14 and I remember when I was in kindergarten I was at my babysitters house and was hiding behind the sofa watching the Halloween marathon that was on, there was a movie that I enjoyed slightly that I have been trying to find ever since I got a phone so about 8, the gist of it that I remember is this: a boy (Probly about 11) is playing baseball with his friends and they hit it into a house, he ends up going to get it and gets chopped up with an ax by I believe (and plz don’t say this is offensive, im just describing) a big black man, he was rlly buff if i remember, and yea, btw the “friends” werent that nice to him, but anyway, that man and put into a wall in the attic and he wasn’t found until some teens go exploring in the house and find that a part of the attic wall is hollow and decide to smash it open, where then a bunch of bats fly out and they find the pieces of his body, also I think in the attic their were things hanging from the ceiling like hooks and chainsaws or something. I know it’s not very specific, but I’ve been looking everywhere, if anyone knows what movie this is, please please please let me know!

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Maybe “House of Bones”? The beginning has the kid chasing after a signed babe ruth baseball into this house and dies.