Trying to find a short film

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I watched this short film a while ago (maybe 5 years?). It’s about a future in which people can’t go outside often due to high levels of radiation from the sun. There is this girl and she wants to go outside because she is bored from her life in her apartment where she doesn’t even know anyone or do anything all day. She calls her mother and she pushing her to buy some kind of insurance. The girl doesn’t have anyone she wants to list as an emergency contact so she selects a program that gives her one at random. One morning she wakes up and she finds out that today she can go outside with protection on because the radiation isn’t extremely high. However, as she’s walking around she falls and ends up hitting her head and having to have her random emergency contact take care of her at home. They talk and her aid even makes her tea with lemon. After the girl gets better, the aid leaves and she can’t be contacted anymore. The girl wants another connection with a real person so she takes her plant and goes to her neighbors house and introduces herself.

farcry Posted new comment Sep 6, 2021