Trying to find a strange movie from my childhood with spirits trapped in tanks

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So, recently I had a kind of “memory comeback” (Don’t know if it is right to call it like that though) about a movie (or even maybe a TV serie or Mini-serie) I saw in early 2000s, at least, i’m pretty sure it was before 2010.

I only remember parts of the movie:

– I know there were two young men, maybe teenagers
– At one point, one of them was inside a strange…building? Submarine? Ship? I don’t know. It was filled with leaking water.
Now it gets…bizarre.
– At that place, he found some kind of yellowish tank and approached it. After a few seconds, a child (I think) face appeared and said “Help” (or maybe it was “Help us” or “Help me”, I don’t know. In french he said “Au secours” Which littealy mean “Help”, so…)
– He then falls back and slips…behind a a metal grid filled with water.
– After that, I know he was sent to hospital and is in coma with tubes inside his mouth for oxygen. I think his spirit is trapped with the others in the strange place.
– The next thing I remember, is that the other guy went in that place and smashed the tanks, freeing the souls.
– The first guy wakes up from coma in a shock.

And that’s it. I can’t remember anything else.

Does anybody has an idea? (sorry for my poor english, it is not my primary language)

Thank you!

Zackiel Asked question Mar 30, 2021