Trying to find an old obscure animated movie from my childhood!

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This is an older animated movie from my childhood that I used to watch on vhs. The movie was a series of shorter stories all in one vhs tape. The characters were a community of tiny people that lived in the forest and had little houses inside the bottom of trees. I remember details from 2 of the short stories. In one there was a wedding taking place and I think right before the wedding happened the river becomes entirely filled with flowers. The more memorable one takes place on Halloween. All of the children get dressed in robes and hats and at one point they are all walking in a line in the dark singing a song. One of them goes off on their own and finds a tree with a hallowed entrance. When they enter the tree thousands of tiny dots of light appear. They glow and then float up into the sky and the child wakes up on the ground in front of the tree and the lights are gone. I’ve been trying to remember what this film is forever, if anyone could help me remember anything at all I would be so extremely happy!!!

Lexi Posted new comment Jan 28, 2022

It’s definitley people, not animals?

It’s definitely not Paw Paws, and yes it is definitely people not animals!

The people are about the size of mice because I remember they do use the mice to pull their wagons and stuff like how people use mules