Trying to find the name of a movie from a scene that was playing at my local shop.


Have the scene stuck in my head and now I need the name of this movie. So the scene starts with the brunette/blonde wife or gf. She’s standing in the room with a picture of I believe to be an Asian lady. Her husband/bf comes in. He is bald, has glasses, and a scruffy light beard. As he comes in and he sees her holding this photo. He stops there and his face looks like he just saw a ghost. After he is caught off guard he asks his wife/GF “where did you get that” or “who gave you that”. The wife/GF then replies saying the guy from the restaurant gave me a photo of his late/dead wife. He then responds saying “she’s not dead, I just saw her yesterday day”. Either he said yesterday or the other day. After he said that it showed him remembering having sex in the woods with this Asian lady in the photo. To describe the scene it was in the woods/forest area, cowgirl position, she was wearing a blue dress with white polka dots. Very little skin was shown just the act of them having intercourse. After that, the channel was changed. So I guess he was or had cheated on his wife/GF. It seemed to be a drama, kinda horror film mood to it. Judging by the way his wife/GF responded she did not know who was the lady in the picture. I tried searching the web with no help. Any help in finding this movie is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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