Trying to find this movie. I think it’s from the 90.s.

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Movie about a woman in her thirties starts a small clothing shop. She meets a nice guy who is a reporter and interested in art and opera and very organized person. Seems nice , they see each other a few times. Then he talks her into coming to his apartment. He then locks her in bedroom uses sedatives to keep her in control. He tells her the room is sound proof and no point to escape. Few days later he fixes a lovely candlelight dinner with opera music playing, and gives her a new dress to wear for dinner. She is brought out and they sit down to this wonderful meal. He tells her he is sorry but he love her and doesn’t want to loose her. She excuses herself to the bathroom and get pills smashed up she had hidden.Time for desert she ask to get her something and she puts the sedative in his desert. After she sees he becoming affected she leave the table and runs upstairs to the roof top of the apartment building. Before he can try to pursue her a knock is at the door. Her girlfriend hasn’t seen her in days finds his address and tells a cop friend she’s going to check on her. He pulls her in the door and strangles her. Then this cop checks on the friend and he shoots him. He runs upstairs to roof top and fights with the girl . She causes him to trip and stumble and he falls through the skylight window to his death.

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Invasion of Privacy (1996)?

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