Trying to find this movie I watched a while back


hey can anyone help me find the name of a movie, i watched it a while back and have been trying to find it again with no luck,
I cant recall much of the movie and I probably have some details wrong.
some scenes or details i can remember
A group of friends talking about work, one male(1) has a secretive job that they don’t speak much of other than it involves programming and you have to be accepted into it, one female(2) wants to know more and is eventually asked by the guy(1) to help him with working because he is under time pressure and cant get it done himself saying there will be consequences for him if he doesn’t.

They get it fixed but the male(1) disappears not to be seen again and the female(2) gets very curious, applies for a job in the area and works and asks around to find out more information, eventually being recruited to work for the same project the male(1) was working on in the first place. its a ai program they are re-purposing for something else, its code is very complex and it fights back as the group of programmers work on it (described as an emotional flash bang or something? cant remember the exact name) by flashing the users screen with cryptic images and symbols that would make them unresponsive and carve a symbol that is shown on screen into their desk with whatever they could. they had orange colored googles to protect them from it.

They eventually shut down the project as too many people were harmed by the images and the girl talked with the program as she was able to communicate with it by talking into a microphone, telling it they were going to erase it and this was its only chance at survival. she then dedicated her life to keeping it safe and fixing it, teaching it to not attack people and bettering it.

she eventually dies from diabetes as she was spending all her time working on it and neglecting her health, at this point the ai had access to the internet at a very limited amount which it used to contact her old friends who she hadn’t spoken to in multiple years messaging them “help” leading them to track down the girl(1) and go to her house, finding the ai alive in the basement calling them friends and getting them to free it from its computer it was stuck on and allow it full access to the internet.

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