Trying to remember a vampire movie

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I watched a vampire movie in 1995 that I am trying to remember the name of. It was on VHS so it might not have been released that year.
The movie starts with a vampire father and son, and the son kills the father. The son specifically says “forgive me, father.”
Then three (?) young women are exploring and they find a fence that they cannot see behind. One of the women sticks her hand through the fence and vampire son sneaks up to it on the other side and bites her wrist. She gets sick from the bite.
Vampire son finds her later when she is stuck in bed and starts drinking from her wounded wrist while she is asleep. He is about to bite her breast but gets scared off.
Eventually all but one of the young women get turned into vampires. An old guy helps the last woman kill all the vampires. When they are dead she is upset and cries against old guy.
I think someone gets their head chopped off at some point and the camera looks directly at the face. Maybe it was vampire son and maybe his eyes move around.
Watched this as a 2nd grader with my dad. Great parenting on his part.

Osulf Asked question Aug 4, 2022