So basically I remember seeing an animation which might have been loosely based on the tale of Sinbad. The only thing I remember is a cyclops (or possibly just a giant) in a bathrobe saying that he is about to see the musical Cats. It should be an animation from the 90s. I would very much appreciate help!

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“Sinbad and the Cyclops Island” (2003)?

Hello! No, it is not this one. The animation is too new and the one I watched as a kid definitely was an older, hand-drawn animation. The cyclops or man-eater perhaps was more human-like but very large. I think he lived a cave or in a volcano with many treasures.

Hello! Sadly, this is not the one as well. I tried to remember more and now I am fairly certain it had to do with Sinbad and that there was also the Roch bird in the movie.