Need help identifying a whimsical live-action movie I saw a few years ago on a plane. The main character is a ginger-haired man who is very simple and naive. I could’ve sworn that the movie name was the same as the character’s name, and the character was named after a vegetable or fruit or something of a similar color to his hair, but I can’t seem to find it. He was raised by his mom, and the plot begins with him figuring out what to do now that she has passed away. He rents out the house and gains a couple roommates: one a mustached, street-talking kind of fellow, and one who I think was Mexican or Indian. He has a crush on his neighbor, a Korean-American girl, who usually appears in the company of her cousin. At one point he holds a party and the mustached roommate hooks up with his crush, causing a rift, but they eventually mend their relationship somehow. The ginger man decides to find his brothers, who he hasn’t seen in many years. One of them is married with kids, and is shocked when the man turns up on his doorstep. The other one is depressed and a drug addict. The man convinces this brother to come back with him, and I think the married brother also decides to reconnect with them after the man’s visit. Towards the end of the movie, this pool guy comes forward and seems to be about to reveal that he is the man’s father (who he’d never known) but it seems like it’s happening for financial reasons and the mustached roommate looks out for him. I remember when I looked at a review of the film, it described it as “twee.”

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is this american? how old is it? was the ginger autistic?

Yes, I’m pretty certain it’s american. Not sure exactly how old- I saw it on a plane probably in 2018 or 2019, but I’m pretty sure it was released earlier, maybe between 2007 and 2015 but definitely post-mid-2000s. It might have been an indie movie, it kind of had that feeling to it. I’m not sure if the ginger was autistic- I don’t remember the movie using that word and am not informed enough on autism to judge, but he seemed more sheltered and innocent than anything. I remember it had scenes where he was in his swimming pool.