Two kids with a large bunny costumed character

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I watched this movie in around 2004s (I should be 6 or 7 years old so I can’t rem)
I remember a few scenes from this movie.

A large bunny character meets two children in a house. A boy and girl.

1. The children and the bunny jump on a sofa, and they all jump very high because that bunny did some magic. (Its like a magical movie with comedy)

2. Before the end of the movie, Two kids and the bunny drives a car that looks like a rocket.
That car has two steering wheels. One kid takes one steering wheel, other kid takes the other wheel. The bunny character sits in between in the back seat.

At one point, One kid turns the wheel right, the other kid turns it left, and then the car starts to transform into something which I can’t rem properly.

Please help me find the movie!! thanksss

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jun 18, 2022

is this in english? animated or live action?