Two teachers were friends looking for love and found each other

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I saw a romcom years ago that I believe was about two teachers (1 male, 1 female) who are friends and have had no luck in the dating world. They both decided to get makeovers of sort, and try the dating scene but end up having no real luck. Eventually they find they are in love with eachother and have always been.


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Are you sure that both of them were teachers? Wasn’t one of them a dating coach (the woman)?

Ooh might be!! My recall is garbage. I seem to remember that maybe the female was a redhead and the man had a strong jaw line… the man went from like nerdy teacher with glasses to wearing a leather jacket, and the female went from dowdy redhead to sexpot.
They start dating around and have fairly decent success but I think the woman becomes jealous or maybe just realizes she is in love with the man. But then they have some sort of conflict but ultimately end up together (as is romcom code haha)


YESSSSSSS!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Not that this is a stellar movie by any means, but not knowing has plagued me for YEARS.

I have also been going crazy trying to figure out what movie this was! Thank you so much!


Nope. Thanks so much for trying.