Ugly girl falls in love with blind guy, what is the name?

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Hi, so there was this movie about an ugly girl that went every morning outside in the park to watch a certain guy run because she liked him. But she was afraid to talk to him because she knew she was ugly. However one morning she does not see him run anymore and she finds out that the guy went blind for some reason, and she went to meet him and started helping him. The guy eventually fell in love with her personality and at one point he hit his head to the top of table and regained his vision. And first thing he did was call her and tell her that he can see again, but she blocked his number because she was afraid he will not like her anymore now that he can see how she looks. So he starts running again, and she kept going to see him run, and at one point he asks her what the time is, and when she answered he recognized her voice.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Mar 4, 2021

how old is the film? was it american? where did you see it?