UHM 2000-2010 movie?? pls help

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hi uhm uhm i just randomly recalled a movie i really liked when i was a kid and watched it on CD but can’t remember the name so im going to tell everything i remember.
Ok so main character is a teen boy, he meets a pretty girl on the bus and there’s a thing about a red scarf she gives him ? then she somehow gets invited to his house for christmas with his family. later on the film he gets powers and time-travel or something ? and there’s something about the triskelion symbol ? ( he went to get a gift at the mall and found a triskelion necklace but then gets arrested and questionned by security then turn into monsters, theres a fight blablabla ) and uhm at the end the girl was actually an old witch or something and she betrays him. holy fuck if you can guess the movie, i can’t offer you anything because you’d already have that galaxy brain of yours dhidjebehejeiw

PLEASEHELPMEEEE Asked question Jul 14, 2020