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I am looking for the title of a movie whose beginning I can vaguely remember. I believe it was produced in the USA and the main actor looked like Billy Crystal I think (he was white for sure). It was shot around 1980-1999 probably but for sure nothing in 2010s as I watched it on VHS if I recall correctly.

From what I can recall, the plot begins with the main guy aboard an airplane, asking a stewardess some question or questions. She either was busy or somehow did want to help him.

He repeats the question and the stewardess interprets it as rude or aggressive behaviour from his side even if he meant well.

For some reason she calls for a security person who is black. The main guy says something to the effect “Chill out, bro” to the security guy who is irritated by his being called “a bro” and tells the white guy that he is racist. The white guy has nothing to say and just watches everything around him playing against him. Then it all escalates further but I am no longer sure in what way.

The next shot is in a court where the white guy is given a sentence for his behaviour, some kind of a community service.

That is everything that I can recall 🙂

Can anyone please suggest what movie that could be?


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Anger Management (2003)?
With Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson.

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Yes, that is the movie, thanks! I can see now that I mixed up half of the details so I am doubly glad that you managed to recognise it 🙂