I am trying to remember a film I saw a few years ago, probably made between 2010 and 2019. I was mixing it up with ZOMBIELAND, but this movie WAS NOT A COMEDY. It’s actually pretty bleak. All I can recall of the plot is that it involved an older man, kind of tough and cowboy-like, and there was a youth, maybe in his teens, who I think was orphaned. The youth was staying with this man and learning from him to set booby-traps and alarms to alert them to the approach of zombies, and learning how to kill the creatures and avoid being killed by them. At some point they are forced to leave their safe haven and travel the landscape (in a truck?). At one point they stop at some outpost where a middle-aged woman joins them (I can’t recall who the actress was, but I think she was a pretty well known actress) and they try to protect her, but I think she gets killed later. I think there was also another female character, a younger (and possibly pregnant) woman who gets kidnapped and the two men go to try to rescue her, but I think this fails. Ultimately, the older man [correction, doesn’t die but leaves], and the young man has to go on without him, applying all he has learned to stay alive. I’m sorry that my memories are so vague–it’s even possible I’m mixing up more than one film. I hope some of this rings a bell with someone.

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Yes! Thank you! Now I understand why I couldn’t find it. I remembered it as a zombie movie when it’s actually a vampire movie (in which there is a pandemic of vampirism, so it’s a fine line). The actress I couldn’t remember before was Kelly McGillis. Thanks so much–I knew you had it right the minute I saw the title.