Various families struggle with their misbehaving children.

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Date: 2000-2010.
Genre: Probably comedy.

There is no one group of protgonists, we get to see multiple families, in one, the father is a dentist in another maybe a lawyer.
It could be that one or all of the families are Jewish.
So, the kids are out of control and their parents don’t know how to rein them in and one bye one they decide to seek professional help, they take their kids to a psychiatrist. It could be that they all happen to go to the same psychiatrist.
After a particularly aggravating car ride with his kids, the dentist considers removing the middle seat in the back because it was the source of the dispute.
The son of the lawyer was harassing their maid with pranks and probably his mom too.
It ends with all the families having a picnic together and while the parents are distracted so, the kids steal a rowboat.

It’s not Parenthood (1989).

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