Very Old Horror Movie 60’s or before

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Starts with man has machine that turns anything to gold. Throws gold coin in machine and Creature emerges covered in Coins. Creature proceeds on a rampage of killing and taking identities of those it slays. It has a mask that copies the slain persons face which Creature then uses to have that persons’ face. Does this several times. Men and women. One victim was a nurse. Detectives finally catch up to Creature and kill it. It is discovered (at end of film) Creature was pregnant.

Stjepan Answered question Aug 25, 2021

I asked on the site I have mentioned and they reccomended Terror from the Year 5000. Could it be that film?

Stjepan Answered question Aug 25, 2021
0 The Magnetic Monster from 1953?

Stjepan Posted new comment Apr 20, 2021

Nope, not it. Looks cool though. I think that the victims in the film I am looking for are discovered with blank faces. Saw it when I was 5 or 6 on regular TV. Thank you for your help

Sad to hear it, it was the closest I could think of.

Try asking here:
It is a forum specialized in pre-70s horror and sci-fi.