During the war, US soldiers stationed in some war-torn European town. At the tavern where the boys are gathered, there sits an attractive youngish (~18-20) woman alone at a table. She lives in this town, her whole family is dead, and she is living alone in their family house nearby. She is in a kind of numb shock, and it’s generally known that whoever walks her home can “have” her. They let “Jones” – the shy guy – do it because he is attracted to her. Jones (or whatever his name is) really kind of likes her, but he is a gentleman and also a bit shy, so they walk to her home in mostly awkward silence. Being the respectful man he is, he leaves her at her door and says goodnight, (perhaps with a small kiss, I don’t remember.) He doesn’t go in.
About a week goes by, and we see Jones in the same tavern. In the door comes that girl, on the arm of the troop “Romeo”, the ladies’ man with a girl in every port. She is now changed. Her innocence is gone. She is wearing a beret down low over her eyes, smoking a cigarette, maybe wearing sunglasses, and looking hard. He has made her his “bitch.” He explains, braggingly, that once “Romeo” saw that “Jones” wasn’t interested, he moved in. He “gave her the word,” a phrase he uses several times. Now, he says, she’s his pet and will do anything he says, ever since he “gave her the word.”
Jones of course is unhappy about this. Romeo tells him, Hey, Jonesy, what’s wrong, you want some? She’ll do you if I tell her to!” At this, Jones takes a swing at Romeo and they begin to fist-fight. Immediately they girl defends her master (Romeo) and jumps upon Jones, clawing and scratching. Seeing this, Jones just gives up and leaves.

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