what is the name of the movie which I had watched in my childhood ?


In my childhood I had watched a movie in which a schoolboy will be there and one day he unknowingly meets a alien/magical animal which will be in small size.it helps him in many ways.in the end of the movie there will be an exam in his school he asks that magical animal/alien to help him in the examination.and it will be saying that I will.when the exam starts he will be looking around for that magical animal/alien and finally it arrives at the end of the exam and it uses its magic by coping the answers by the paper of the class topper answersheet and paste it in the boy answers.when the exam correction is done the teacher distributes the answer sheets and scolds our child hero infront of the whole class by he copied/cheated the exam by coping the name and other details of the student.he will be very sad and angry on that magical animal/alien.later he scolds it and leaves it.the magical animal/alien will be sad.and the rest I don’t remember,please help me to know the name of the movie????

pori Answered question Jun 21, 2022