What is the name of this movie?

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It is a horror movie where a man enters a house trying to solve a supernatural activity disturbing the people living there.
However, it turns out that all those people are actually ghosts that had been trying to attract him to kill him
This man loves the girl there without knowing that she is a ghost actually, and she pretends to have a jealous husband who is always angry with everything she does but turned out to be her brother
Another good spirit tries to help him face them and helps him actually overcome their evil
Nevertheless, the last scene reshows the girl that seduced him as a mark that she will keep chasing him or others

I forgot the actors, the name of the movie and everything else, but it is not new release
it was produced something like late 1990s
please help me find its name
many thanks in advance

Zak Unselected an answer Mar 26, 2021

The movie is Haunted, an excellent but little-known ghost story released in 1995. It is a favorite of mine. Aidan Quinn plays a parapsychology professor who channels his feelings of guilt over the death of his twin sister into a career of debunking hauntings. It is set in England in the 1920’s and was based on a book by British horror novelist James Herbert. An elderly woman implores Quinn to come to her aid because she is being tormented by ghosts. He travels to her house and begins an investigation. But the other residents of the house, an attractive woman and two men, insist that the elderly woman is losing her mind. Quinn develops a romantic relationship with the young woman, which makes one of the two men extremely jealous. Eventually, Quinn’s dead sister appears to him and reveals that the three young people of the house are ghosts — siblings who died in a fire years ago. When alive, the siblings had a wicked, incestuous relationship. The ghosts kill the old woman and make Quinn the new target of their torment. They lock him in the room where they died and set the house ablaze. With the help of his sister’s spirit, Quinn escapes. But in the closing shot of the film, the ghost girl with whom he had the sexual relationship is seen following Quinn back to his apartment.

You may have a difficult time tracking down a copy of the movie for a reasonable price. It was released in the early days of DVD and quickly went out of print. Used copies have been selling for ridiculous prices for a long time. I don’t think it has been reissued. I couldn’t find a copy on youtube — maybe you’ll have better luck. Or perhaps it is available through Netflix. I used to see VHS copies from time to time at flea markets, but not in several years.

Zak Posted new comment Mar 26, 2021

Many thanks Tim for your reply
While I was searching I tried to remember the face of the man, and I guessed he looked like the one who played Practical Magic ..
So I searched the cast and requested Aidan Quinn’s movies but found nothing about Haunted! seems I chose the very wrong website in that moment, or may be as you said, they don’t have so they didn’t mention it! Then, I lost my hope to try another site! Gosh I was so close] Anyways, many thanks for your help
If I find a copy, I will let you know

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