What is the name of this movie?


My mom remembers a movie from years ago about a black man traveling to some european country, could be France, Germany, England ect. but she can’t remeber the exact location only that they had a distinct accent. Anyway the movie is about this man traveling there for work so he can marry his girlfriend back in hishome country. Upon arriving to said country he looks for a job in a salon or barber place ran by a gay couple and im not sure if they give him the job or not but one of the men in the relationship offers the black man a place to stay which is in his mothers basement. So the man stays in her basement and the mother is unaware until one day she realizes but she doesnt kick him out but instead she befriends the young man and they become quite close. They ate together and she even gave him her husbands old clothes as they were around the same size.The old woman is a widow and has been bored and lonely for quite a long time but the man sparks something inside her to where she feels alive again and she falls in love with him. Now thats about all my mom can remember about this movie. Im assuming its an older movie maybe from the 19th century or very early 2000s. I would very much appretiate and so would my mother if anyone can remember this movie from this very poor description haha.

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