What is the name of this movie

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I remember one scene from this movie.. There were two women in the house dressed like housewives from 1950s (but the movie itself is not very old, definitely made after the 2000s).So they were in the house, I can’t say if they were related or friends, but one of them saw a woman outside the window coming to the house and she knocked herself down so the woman outside couldn’t see her, and she told the other woman to open the door and pretend that she is the wife in this house. So she opened the door and there was a blonde young lady also in a dress (light blue i
I think) and she said that the husband left his coat in her café. And the one who opened the door said something about baking croutons by herself. The other women was hiding behind the door. The young lady said that the husband can call her for the coat because she isn’t sure if it’s his coat, and then the woman who opened the door asked how he has her number and then she said “to the cafe, he can call me to the cafe”.

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Hi. Are you sure they were croutons? If they were crudités, Fried Green Tomatoes might be your answer.

Crudités is raw vegetables served with a dipping sauce.