What is the name of this movie?


A few years ago I watched a great film on Netflix and now I cannot the remember the name at all. It was recently made, I don’t think it was earlier than 2010, from an East Asian country, but again I’m not quite sure which.
The story was about a man , I believe a detective, whose child had been kidnapped a number of years ago. He found out about a new/secret method through which he could go into his own memory even deeper than before and try to find some clues there. He managed to see a suspicious person he thought was the man who took his child and also saw a tattoo on his arm. He eventually used this to track down the kidnappers and unveiled an organisation that kidnapped children and used them to treat other sick children of very rich and powerful men. I also vaguely remember that in the end it turned out that he was betrayed by one of his friends and there was a huge altercation with a very surrealistic scene.
Unfortunately that is all I can remember I really hope someone else has seen this movie and can help.

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