What is the name of this movie?

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Ok, so when i was younger my dad once showed me this movie and i loved it and now im trying to find it, but i cant and he doesnt remembers it… So the movie is about a popular girl that likes a not so popular boy, and
i remember that one night she invites him over to her house, but her parents and her brother are there too. So she told her parents that they are gonna be studying and they leave him and her alone in the house. So of course the boy and the girl try to have sex, but her parents are coming back and they see them through the window so they start dressing up asap. Also her brother put a camera in her room and filmed them, just for fun
i think. So after her parents come home, her dad asks the boy to talk with him about something and they have a drink, also i remember he was talking about how when he was his age he wanted to have sex so badly :D. Oh also the boy was trying to remove his condom, because the dad said it was smelling weird. So after that i remember the boy and the girl ride a boat together and yeah thats about it. Please iv been trying to search this movie for years now if someone could tell me the name, Thank you so much!!!

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Can you remember anything else? I am assuming this is 80s or 90s, and in english? Sex comedys are usually findable, but the condom smelling hasn’t come up yet….

Well not really, but yeah it is in english. Well there is no hope i suppose. And it was more of a romantic type i think.


Yo man i found my movie its actually 2009 :D. And its not a good movie, i mean its typical romantic teen drama, but when i watched it now i feel like they dont even try to have a plot, just random scenes, but I still had a good time watching it. So the movie is called – Love at first Hiccup. I went trough so much to find it like different websites trying to explain it with the scenes i remembered, asked around, watched top 10 romantic movies of 80s and 90s and so on, but at the end all it took was to type “best romantic teen movies of 2000s”, cuz i just assumed it was of the 2000s since i watched it then, and first link i click is the imdb site – top 130 best teen movies so i search and read the plot. I scroll and scroll and the first page of 100 movies is all done, then i move on the second page scroll a bit and i saw it, it felt like that was the one so i copy the name paste it on YT to watch the trailer and then i watch it and im like OMG is that it, cuz i start remembering all these scenes and im like OMG no way its actually it and im like holy shit man finally after all this time. It felt awesome and the movie was too, even tho its not that good xd.
The reason i liked it is because there was this one morning i went to my dad room and it was early so he let me lay in his bed and bring me his laptop and showed me this movie then and i really enjoyed this morning. Then time went on and i wanted to see this movie again, but unfortunately my dads laptop was stolen and my dad didnt seem to remember the movie so yeah im finally glad that i found it and i still cant believe it. I suppouse it is really true that if you keep searching for long and enough and really really want something you will eventually find it!

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