I recently re-watched the Wes Anderson Film ‘Rushmore’ with my wife and a specific scene that we thought was in it was not. We now think that this scene may be from a different film. We remember it involving a male actor (we think Bill Murray) randomly chasing a person or child through either a school or open space. The scene is comedic as the male actors response is unexpected but the person he is chasing may have goaded him on or insulted him. We thought this scene was from Rushmore and that Bill Murray’s character was chasing ‘Max’ but no such scene appears in the movie and we just watched it on Amazon Prime. I cannot find any deleted scenes from Rushmore or confirmation if there are different versions of the film.

The second film I cannot recollect the name of potentially involves Bill Murray as well. I think he plays the narrator and during the opening scene his narration is disrupted by children (his sons…I think). He becomes angry and either takes or chases them away. Again the scene is comedic.

I appreciate that the above is not a lot to go on but I am positive these two scenes exist, and it is frustrating me greatly that I cannot remember which film or films the above two scenes are from or who the actor is. Nothing obvious is sticking out when I look at Bill Murray’s filmography.

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