What is the name of this romantic comedy?

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About 10-15 years ago I saw the first 10 minutes of this movie. It looked to be a romcom from the male character’s perspective, likely in the vein of Saving Silverman, which is to say it seemed to be about a hapless fool strung around by a mean girl. But that’s just a guess.

It starts out with the lead, who looks and acts like a discount Topher Grace, about to move out of the city he lives in. Fairly certain it was LA. All of his coworkers and buddies are making a big deal of it. Supposedly, no one is able to escape the city, and they’re all expecting him to back down. But he goes to the airport, ready to leave. It’s there at the airport where he meets the girl. I left at this point, so I have no idea where it goes, but I’d wager he disgraces himself by remaining in the city for that girl. I have no idea who the lead girl is, not even a comparison.

The only other thing I can say is that I’m pretty sure there’s also a narration by the lead actor. I vaguely recall him lamenting how close he was to boarding the plane before he got trapped in town by the girl.

I highly doubt this is a good film, not least of which because I’ve scoured lists of every romantic comedy made in the last 30 years and can’t find it. That leads me to believe one of the following things must be true:
1. It’s really bad, beyond a B movie, and therefore unworthy to be included on any list.
2. It’s actually a TV show. Theoretically it could have been a pilot episode to a series.
3. I dreamed it. It doesn’t exist. I hope this is not the case.

As bad as it is likely to be, I’ve always remembered it and wished I could see what happens. Any ideas on what movie/show this is?

SyWalker Asked question Mar 10, 2022